Cristiano Ronaldo And His Life Journey

But things weren’t always this good. Baby Cristiano was an unplanned child, the youngest in a humble family on the Portuguese island of Madeira. He was born on February 5, 1985 at Santo Antonio, a mountainous neighbourhood and one of the poorest communities of the capital Funchal.

Ronaldo told a great deal about his childhood in another interview:

The son of Dolores, a cook, and Dinis, a municipal gardener, the household’s final addition was appointed Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.

Soccer was a part of life for the young Cristiano. Father Dinis, who sadly passed away in 2005, worked as a kitman at local club Andorinha and requested Fernao Barros Sousa, a participant there who had previously represented the island’s largest club, Nacional, if he would be Ronaldo’s godfather.

Afterwards, Ronaldo would accompany his father and when he was old enough, he ended up turning out for Andorinha’syouth side.

“When he was small, he was just like other children,” Barros Sousa explained. “But he had something which was different from others which was that he played with a great deal of football. Even from a young age. When the other children were studying, he put his research on the rear seat so as to play soccer .”

Cristiano started to play for Andorinha, his first team, from the time of about eight, and even then, his talent was evident.

“Cristiano really liked winning,” Sousa added. “When that did not occur, Ronaldo cried. So much so that he had the nickname ‘crybaby’.”

And he also said:”Ronaldo was known as ‘abelhinha’ (little bee) since he was little and he was very fast, so we called him’abelhinha’.”

Barros Sousa introduced Cristiano to local magistrate Joao Marques de Freitas, a socio of Sporting CP and a guy with strong contacts in the Lisbon-based club.

“He went to reveal what he was capable of and three days afterwards, Aurelio Pereira (a Sporting scout) told me that the boy was really great. It was the old Sporting arena and he was so great that the professionals looked over to inspect the boy’s abilities.”

Sporting were impressed and at the age of 12, Ronaldo transferred into the Portuguese capital. All on his own. But, there were problems in the beginning.

From his humble beginnings, Cristiano had made it from age 18 to among the world’s elite clubs and former team-mate Santos stated: “From the moment he went to Manchester United, all the people started to see his real worth. Since that time, I think Ronaldo has amazed everyone.”

Barros Sousa still sees his godson on occasions and said:”From time to time I go to Madrid to get a Real Madrid match. For me it is a wonderful satisfaction. It gives me great joy. Clearly, when he plays, I love to watch, I love to see him score goals. I love to see him winning names, both individually and collectively — it gives me great pride.”

Ronaldo has opened a museum and a hotel in Madeira, but up in the hills at Andorinha, pictures of a young Cristiano continue to decorate the scene fences — a constant reminder of the club’s link to a participant who went on to make it big beyond the Atlantic island, leaving his humble roots behind to become one of the best footballers of all time.

“All of the kids playing here have the fantasy of Ronaldo,” Barros Sousa said. “They should be like him. All of them.

“But there won’t be another Ronaldo here in Madeira. There’s only this one, there won’t be another. “

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